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The Human Heart & The Human Condition – Searching for Answers

“The account of these friends on the Emmaus road is, admittedly, sparse.  We seem to be told only what we need to know.  Yet their discussion, joined by a third man – a stranger – comes to us with singular … Continue reading

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Christianity, The Bible, How to Live

“To think of the Bible as an almanac or law book is a fundamentally wrong way of thinking about the Bible.  The Bible doesn’t provide all the answers in a legalistic sense for two primary reasons.  First, it would be … Continue reading

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Faith, Religion, Christianity, Beauty

“But why would we do it? Why would we sacrifice the enchanting beauty of Christianity for the ugly machine of politics? Because political power is so – and there’s no other word for it – pragmatic. We’re convinced “it works.”  … Continue reading

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