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Leadership & Being Real – Being Better and Doing the Right Thing

“Knowing the material Self-Betrayal leads to self-deception and “the box”. When you’re in the box, you can’t focus on results Your influence and success will depend on being out of the box You get out of the box as you … Continue reading

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Vulnerability, Openness, Courage

“During my talk I asked the audience two questions that reveal so much about the many paradoxes that define vulnerability.  First I asked, “How many of you struggle to be vulnerable because you think of vulnerability as weakness?”  Hands shot … Continue reading

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Business Leadership & Management – Trust

“The mismatch between what we all intuitively know and our talent management practices and leadership messages are at the heart of the lack of trust. Restoring trust requires establishing a new, realistic relationship — one both sides believe — translated … Continue reading

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Leadership – Vision – Bill Donovan

  “The agency Donovan created would send an organizational theorist into convulsions.  It became a Rube Goldberg collection of disparate programs, functions, and initiatives whose common denominator sometimes was only that Donovan had dreamed them up.  By any measure he … Continue reading

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