The Greatest Debate – God’s Intentions & The Book of Job

“The key to understanding the message of Job is to see the book as a transcript of one of humanity’s all-time most important debates – full of presumptions, questions, rebuttals – and ultimately as a quest for truth.  Why did the creator and sovereign Master of all things and events allow Job, a devout worshiper, to experience such unimaginable suffering?  This great debate was instigated by an even bigger debate, a confrontation between the two most powerful beings in existence, God and Lucifer, or Satan, the most powerful being God ever created…


The debate between Job and his philosophical friends deserves consideration as the greatest debate of all time for another reason.  Unlike many of today’s leading scholars, Job and his friends apparently grasped the intimate connection between the problem of evil and suffering and the question of purposeful creation vs. undirected evolution. […] Furthermore, they seemed to comprehend that their debate transcended their personal relationships and perhaps even their own time. I can’t help but wonder if they had some inkling they were debating for the benefit of all humanity.”

– From Hidden Treasures in the Book of Job by Hugh Ross

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