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Worldly Needs, Early American Dream, Meriwhether Lewis

“He also wrote occasional pieces for the newspaper. On November 16, 1808, he contributed an essay on “The True Ambitions of an Honest Mind.”  It read, in full: Were I to describe the blessings I desire in life, I would … Continue reading

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Introversion – Listening before Speaking – Adding Value Quietly

“A well-know study out of UC Berkeley by organizational behavior professor Philip Tetlock found that television pundits – that is, people who earn their livings by holding forth confidently on the basis of limited information – make worse predictions about … Continue reading

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The Greatest Debate – God’s Intentions & The Book of Job

“The key to understanding the message of Job is to see the book as a transcript of one of humanity’s all-time most important debates – full of presumptions, questions, rebuttals – and ultimately as a quest for truth.  Why did … Continue reading

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