Management – Flexibility – Work & Life Balance

“Most employers still tell their employees when to come to work, when to leave, and how they’re expected to work when they’re there. Why not measure employees by the value they create, rather than by the number of hours they sit at a desk?

Too many companies continue to operate by the premise that their employees can’t be fully trusted, and so treat them as children, who must be continuously monitored.

The solution is to hire people you’re prepared to trust, and then treat them as adults, capable of making responsible adult choices. Do that, and it’s a good bet they will. Indeed,considerable evidence suggests that the more confidence managers have in their people, the better they perform.

At the same time, companies who give employees more autonomy have every right to expect accountability. That begins with clearly and explicitly defining what success looks like in any given job, and making that, rather than face time, the measuring stick.


The job of a leader or a manager, I’ve concluded, isn’t to tell people how to get their jobs done, or when and where they do their best work. Rather, it’s to free, fuel and inspire them to bring the best of themselves to work every day.”

-Tony Schwartz, HBR Blog Network

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